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I was so bummed when it got canceled. Seeing Kyle Chandler on "Grey's Anatomy" was great, however brief it was.
Don't any stores sell the DVDs? I've online seen them online.
Yellow, Superman Returns

Early Edition

I was browsing a Quantum Leap community and found this one! Glad I did. I really enjoyed Quantum Leap and Early Edition. However I've not watched Early Edition in years. Has it been released on DVD? Or does anyone know if any UK TV channels are airing this series?
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Just saying hi - long time EE fan

Hey everyone :) I can't believe I hadn't thought earlier to see if an EE community existed here in LJ. Now that I have found it, I'm pretty excited.

In any case, some time ago I bought a recordable DVD player and have been taping EE episodes directly on to DVD. Like many of you, I am severly disappointed that no commercial DVD releases are expected for the near future, so maybe at some point soon I will have amassed all 90 episodes and then can make copies.

Looking forward to some interesting EE chats.

- Will, Jersey City, NJ (32/m)
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